The power of knowing

What is Artist Intelligence?

Artist Intelligence is the culmination of 40 years of audience measurement, music analytics and hit forecasting. Artist Intelligence is a DIY platform for self-generated music surveys, predictive reports and audience identification. Artist Intelligence provides measures for audience appeal, fan demographics, purchase intent, recall and other key metrics. Our reports provide actionable intelligence to recording artists, labels, music supervisors, distributors, publishers, advertisers, and  radio programmers. Artist Intelligence is the power of knowing.

What it does.


Hit Prediction

Artist Intell's methodology has proven the most accurate 'hit predictor' in the market, with over 45 years of successfully predicting hits for innumerable gold and platinum releases

Measuring Star Power, Positive Ratings, Request & Purchase Intentions

Artist Intell analyzes a variety of key metrics, including Star Power (1-10 Ratings), Positive Ratings, Requests and Purchase Intent as well as artist-related Familiarity, Prior Exposure, Ownership and Fan levels to accurately predict listener acceptance and consumer response in easy-to-digest visual reports and chart rankings.

Audience Makeup

Artist Intell audience samples are balanced by demographic and geographic characteristics to reflect overall population. AI users may select from worldwide, USA, or International audience samples of 100, 300, 600 or more listeners. Audience members are pre-screened for their active music-listening, -viewing and -buying characteristics.

Song Reports

Artist Intell’s reports have been designed to give you world class intelligence about a song’s hit potential and audience in a beautiful, easy to understand design. Listeners verbatim comments are also available for viewing and downloading, grouped by demographics.

Chart Rankings

See how your survey songs compare to thousands of hits and misses over 40 years of music audience research.

Why Artist Intell?

Artist Intell is the most advanced and experienced audience analytics and hit prediction platform on the market. Artist Intell is the place where Big Data Meets Big Beats. Experience Artist Intell, and the power of knowing. 

Actionable artist intelligence
Unbiased listener feedback
Unparalleled In-House Expertise

Case Studies

Artist Intell's audience reports have helped launch hundreds of platinum artist campaigns

Record Test OnlineSM Artists have sold hundreds of millions of albums and produced four decades of top-charting hits.


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