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Artist Intelligence is the revolutionary DIY audience analytics and survey platform.
The Artist Intell platform empowers industry personnel and music artists to quickly and easily conduct song analysis surveys through our global research panel of millions of consumers.
Our clients receive state of the art reports with predictive analytics, audience demographics, purchase intent, recall and more. These reports are the product of over four decades of popular music testing for the major recording labels and stars of the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s through today.

Artist Intelligence was developed by Music Research Consultants, Inc. (MRC), whose predictive Record Test surveys have served the major-labels and leading artists, producers, managers and media companies since 1974. MRC’s legendary Record Test Results have identified the hit songs that ultimately helped propel many of the greatest recording artists of the past four decades to superstar success.

See: About Music Research Consultants below.

Artist Intelligence was created to put the power of music audience surveys and predictive metrics in the hands of today’s artists, labels, music producers, music supervisors and publishers, creating a “level playing field” on which the works of Independent music creators can be compared directly to acceptance for the music of other independents & as well as to hits from major label stars – without having to compete for attention.


In addition to our in depth quantitative analysis, we provide qualitative commentary from listeners to provide robust feedback on individual songs, allowing our clients to tap into the ‘wisdom of crowds’ using discreet feedback from the audience.

About Music Research Consultants

Music Research (MRC) evolved from the first full-service marketing research organization devoted to the study of popular music and its consumers. From 1974 through 2014, Music Research has conducted consumer-based music surveys from its home base in the cultural melting pot of Southern California.


Founded by music industry veteran Larry Heller, in association with ASI Market Research, the original system was born as an auditorium-based listening/viewing experience, where weekly sessions were conducted with hundreds of “wired” respondents, turning interest-tracking dials, wearing galvanic skin (GSR) sensors, and completing comprehensive questionnaires all used to track audience interest and involvement in popular music — at the experimental media lab, Preview House, in Los Angeles.


In 1980, the auditorium-based methodology evolved into a nationwide music consumers panel, which has grown into US and international MusicLovers audience. As consumer preferences shifted from vinyl records, to cassettes and CD’s, Music Research Samplers carried contenders and hits to the audience.


MRC’s Record Test and MusicLovers surveys were both introduced in 2004. Record Test surveys combine the standardized measures and predictive data analytics of the original Record Test, with the ease, reach, speed, and economy of online survey fulfillment. The MusicLovers Surveys provide focused audience exposure and fan conversion with instant access to real-time responses from audience members, at a low cost and with ease-of-use features aspiring DIY songwriters, artists, producers and labels can utilize to increase audience exposure and further their music careers.

2015-Artist Intelligence

Launching in 2015, Artist Intell is MRC’s revolutionary DIY survey platform, designed to meet the audience – and attention-building needs of today’s DIY music makers on demand.


Millions of listeners have participated in Record Test and MusicLovers surveys over the last four decades, and given their opinions to thousands of songs from emerging and established superstars, comprising a “who’s-who” of the music industry’s leading visionaries, companies, artists and producers.

Data Analysis

Responses to each song are collected via standardized measures and compared to statistical “norms” for previously-tested songs, and to results for those released as singles. These metrics are at the very heart of Artist Intelligence data analysis and reports.

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