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Bruno Mars

MRC, Atlantic Records & Bruno Mars

In 2013 and 2014, Atlantic comissioned Record Test and MusicLovers® surveys to evaluate listener acceptance for potential singles choices from superstar Bruno Mars’ award-winning, multi-platinum Unothodox Jukebox album.

Music Research Consultants (MRC), the developers of the Artist Intelligence platform, has provided consulting to all major-label groups over the past four decades, including Altantic Records. Potential hits from top-selling Atlantic recording artists of the millenium, including Kid Rock, Brandy, Sean Paul, Shinedown and numerous other stars have been featured in MRC’s audience surveys since 2000.

MusicLovers® Survey :

Users Surveyed : 677

Comments: “YOUNG GIRLS”

  • His voice is the only thing that for me makes this song good
  • Very good song
  • He has a lot of talent!
  • He plays with harmony and sounds real well!
  • Voice is amazing!
  • Great production, solid vocal performance, well written!

MRC’s audience studies can add real value to the artist development process by helping anticipate market response.

Craig Kallman, Chairman & CEO Atlantic Records

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