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Terms of Service

Music Testing Agreement:
Service on is subject to acceptance of the terms and provisions of the Music Testing Agreement between the user (Owner) and (Site).

Secure Transactions:
All sales transactions are conducted under secure conditions, according to industry standards and practice, and are final except as provided for in the Site’s Refund Policy. Owners‘ credit card or other financial information is not maintained on the Site. Transaction processing is provided by Sunlit Merchant Services through Elavon Merchant Services.

Survey Audience Fulfillment and Completion Timing:
The Site will fill Owner’s survey audience orders per the terms of the Music Testing Agreement, by sending a balanced sample of pre-qualified survey respondents to listen and give their opinions to Owner’s songs in AI MusicLovers (R) or Record Test surveys. Audience is drawn from active music consumers in the USA or Worlwide, as indicated in the survey description on the Client Services page of the Site.

Survey Respondent Qualifications and Validation:
Respondents for AI surveys are drawn from members of MRC’s MusicLovers (R) panel, as well as qualified members of professionally maiuntained third-party consumer panels. All are pre-screened and qualified for eligibility to participate in AI surveys. Those who qualify are invited to participate in AI‘s MusicLovers (R) and Record Test sm surveys.

To qualify for surveys, respondents must be between the ages of 13-54* and music consumers, who have listened, streamed, viewed, downloaded or purchased music in the past six months. *Custom AI studies and surveys may include other ages and qualifications. Respondents under thirteen may not participate without parental permission.

Audience Incentives:
Repondents may receive incentives for participating in surveys, ranging from limited free downloads of survey songs and earning points for downloads to rewards, gift cards, coupons and/or cash payments to third-party respondents from their panel mangers.

Qualified respondents are invited and directed to surveys within 24 hours of launch by Owner/user. Site will use its best efforts to complete the balanced audience sample requirements for each ordered survey within one week, depending on survey sample size and subgroup fill. Balanced audience subgroups provides consistent and reliable results.
Continued Exposure for Audience Favorites:
As indicated in the Music Testing Agreement, survey exposure may be extended for qualifying songs beyond the agreed completion of the sample at Site’s discretion.

Report Content and Delivery:
AI MUSICLOVERS (R) Surveys – Realtime graphics and survey results, chart rankings, and Listener comments. Available 24/7, beginning within hours of launch.

AI Record Test sm Surveys – After survey completion, the ArtistIntell Monitor provides access to real-time sample monitoring and reports, Music Format and Media preferences, and comprehensive artist- and song-based scores, projections and verbatum responses.

Survey sample completion is typically accomplished within 2-4 days. Some surveys may require additional time for completion, and in such event, any extended time required to complete the survey sample requirements shall not be considered a cause for breech or refund, provided that the sample quota is filled within 60 days from launch.

Refund Policy
In the event that the Site is unable to complete user’s survey audience sample requirement, as specified in the proscribed time period the Site will refund, issue credits for future surveys, or otherwise cancel the sales transaction as requested by user/Owner.

Privacy Policy
Users‘ and survey respondents‘ contact information is considered confidential and is not shared with third parties, except as may be authorized through express written permision of user or respondent to the Site. AI Mentors, and any associated AI Mentor parties, are not considered third parties as they are part of the services offered. Users‘ financial information is not stored on the Site.

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